Getting in shape for the sports nutrition flavour revolution

By | May 3, 2016

If you are an athlete or a bodybuilder, you definitely know the importance of protein drinks in your workout routine. Protein is the most powerful nutrition in building muscle mass. But it can get very boring and tedious to take your pre and pro workout or sports nutrition drinks as they do not taste that great. Now you can get your proteins, branched-chain amino acids, glutamine and essential fatty acids supplements and drinks in exciting flavors due to the amazing innovation in sports nutrition formulation.

Important Sports Supplements:

The most important sports supplements that have real beneficial value for the body builders and athletes are;

1. Protein powders: Protein is the most important supplement not only for the athletes and body builders but everyone. They are separated from natural food products like milk and egg. Whey protein is separated from cow milk. It is very popular among the body builders. These are available in markets for example Whey Protein Funch.

2. Amino Acids: Proteins break down into amino acids. Therefore, if you take enough protein, you do not need to take amino acid separately.

3. Creatine: It occurs in body muscles and provides instant energy supply during exercise. It is naturally found in poultry, fish and meat at about 3-7 g per kg. Since it is not easy to take that big amount of these food products in your diet therefore supplements of creatine are worth post here!

4. Carbohydrates Powder: Glycogen is the main energy source found in our body muscles and liver. It is used during weight lifting work out sessions. Therefore taking glycogen supplements after your workout routine is essential to regain your body strength. . It is also highly advisable to take it in first two hours after the work out. A large variety of carbohydrate powders like dextrose, maltodextrin, fine milled oats and many others are available in market.

5. Fats and Oils: Omega-3 supplementation is essential for body builders. It is available in the form of flaxseed oil and fish oil capsules.

6. Hormone Boosters: All kinds of hormone boosters as an alternative for hormonal doping with testosterone, growth hormone, anabolic steroids etc. are available in market these this site at{540BD4C4-05DE-4867-9B57-167271BFF521}&cck=1

Expanding markets provide you with a lot of new options. There are a large number of sports nutrition manufacturers in the market these days. For example cherry active, applied nutrition, fuel one, maxi-tone and many others. A growing segment of today’s society is the increasing interest of people in foods drinks and supplements that aids flourishing life styles and desired athletic endeavors. They feel attracted to the nourishments that;

sports nutrition

1. Enhance personal health.
2. Play major role of nutrition in supporting body fitness.
3. Improve physical energy or stamina.
4. Promote lean muscle growth.
5. Revitalize body energy levels.

Especially if they all come with great taste and interesting flavors therefore a combination of sensory science, flavor chemistry and nutritional values is being used to revolutionize the whole market of sports supplements.

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